Entrepreneurs joining the Adaix Real Estate Franchise network to boost their professional growth in the real estate sector.

Power Up Your Professional Development with Adaix Real Estate Franchise and Redefine Your Future!

Entrepreneurs joining the Adaix Real Estate Franchise network to boost their professional growth in the real estate sector.

Are you ready to revitalize your professional journey and dive into the vibrant world of real estate?

Partner with Adaix Real Estate Franchise and seize an unparalleled opportunity to grow professionally in an industry full of challenges and rewards. With our extensive experience, pioneering tools, and advanced services.

Adaix is the perfect companion to ensure your success in the real estate arena.

Dare to take the leap, and together, we will dominate the real estate market in your region!

Alain Brand CEO Adaix

Alain Brand

CEO Adaix

At Adaix, our goal is to ensure the success of each of our agents. Through our long-standing presence in the real estate sector, we have built a strong and respected brand in the franchise industry. We take pride in providing our agents with the best tools and resources in training, technology, negotiation, communication, and partnerships, among other aspects.

If you are a dedicated, motivated individual with a commercial profile, we encourage you to join our Adaix family, and together, we will achieve success.

We look forward to having you on our team!

Explore the Advantages of Adaix:

Explore the Advantages of Adaix:

The Adaix Difference: An Innovative and Personalized Approach

  • Online and in-person training with official certification.
  • Continuous consultancy and support for your professional development.
  • Access to over 50,000 properties in the portfolio from day one.
  • AI-powered CRM platform for efficient management.
  • New intranet with AI and exclusive services to boost your business.
  • Opportunities for growth and expanding your business.

Request your free study and start your journey to the house of your dreams with Adaix!

Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Disposal:

AI-powered CRM and Intranet: Flooges.

Our Flooges platform combines the latest artificial intelligence technology to provide you with a state-of-the-art CRM and a comprehensive intranet with exclusive services. Manage your tasks, set reminders, and access valuable data for effective online lead generation of the latest properties in the market, enabling you to power up your real estate business efficiently.

Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Disposal:
Ongoing Training and Support

Ongoing Training and Support

Customized Training and Guidance.

At Adaix, we are committed to providing quality training and continuous guidance to ensure the success of our agents. Benefit from our comprehensive 200-hour online course with official certification and access our innovative online training center that utilizes artificial intelligence to offer a wide variety of courses. Learn how to secure exclusive property listings, master real estate marketing, and engage in interactive activities such as documentation, videos, and playful exams. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to participate in video conferences with real estate experts to optimize your learning and enhance your skills. You will always have the support of our team of professionals who are available to answer your questions and guide you on your path to success in the real estate sector.

Exclusive Additional Services:

A Wide Range of Services to Meet All Your Clients' Needs.

As a member of our real estate franchise, you will have access to a variety of additional services designed to cater to all your clients' needs:

  • 360º virtual tours.
  • Digital signature of documents.
  • Promotion and sale of properties on group real estate portals.
  • Prefabricated house construction.
  • Mortgage loan financin.
  • Management and sale of general insurance.

Exclusive Additional Services:
Communication and Advertising

Communication and Advertising

Effective Strategies for Business Success.

At Adaix Real Estate Franchise, we recognize the importance of effective communication and advertising for the growth and success of your business. That's why we offer support and guidance in managing social media, digital marketing, and positioning on relevant real estate portals..

Our integrated approach ensures a strong and consistent presence in the market, increasing the visibility of your agency and attracting more potential clients. With Adaix, you will always stay one step ahead in the competitive world of real estate franchises.

Testimonials from Successful Franchisees or Examples of Adaix Agencies.

Inspiring Success Stories!

There's nothing better than hearing our agents' experiences to understand the positive impact of joining the Adaix Real Estate Franchise. Discover how our proposition has transformed their lives and helped them achieve their professional goals.

Sebastián Pérez.

Adaix Cáceres

Since the opening of the agency, I have experienced exceptional support and organization.

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