Adaix team efficiently managing property rentals, ensuring profitability and protection for owners.

The real estate network that has everything.

Adaix team efficiently managing property rentals, ensuring profitability and protection for owners.

Adaix: Optimizing your profitability and guaranteeing your property when renting.

Renting a property is a crucial decision that requires complete professional advice at each stage.

Guarantee and experience.

With a professional process and backed by years of experience, Adaix guarantees the selection of the right tenant, ensuring your peace of mind, well-being, and the protection of your property.

Rent insurance and non-payments.

Protect your property against non-payment of rents (up to 12 months), indemnities for vandalistic acts, and legal defense. Plus, enjoy our "Free Rent Insurance" for risk-free rental.

Services offered by Adaix to rent your house successfully.

Services offered by Adaix to rent your house successfully.

Worry-free with Adaix: Rent your house with total management.

Leave the total management of your property in our hands, and we will take care of everything, from daily management to breakdowns in your house.

Total Rental Management - Additional Services.

If you choose the Total Rental Management option, we will include the following services:

  • Management of property needs, such as breakdowns and problems in the dwelling.
  • Negotiation of budgets for actions to be taken and monitoring of the development of the work.
  • Management of monthly collections to the tenant.
  • Claim and extrajudicial negotiation of unpaid rents or breaches of any type of contract.
  • Carrying out inventory at the entrance and exit.
  • Cleaning and reorganizing the property after the departure of the tenants.

*Check if your local Adaix agency offers the services detailed on this page.

Find your nearest Adaix professional and rent your house with total guarantee.

Find your nearest Adaix professional and rent your house with total guarantee.

Don't think twice and trust Adaix to rent your house under the best conditions. Locate the nearest Adaix professional and start enjoying all the benefits and services we offer. Rent your house with total guarantee and professionalism.

Adaix is by your side to ensure your success in the real estate world!

Adaix Estate Agents.

Adaix real estate agencies offer you their real estate services for the management of the sale and rental of your properties.

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Picanya

Adaix Picanya

Agency in Picanya

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Xàtiva

Adaix Xàtiva

Agency in Xàtiva

Adaix Real Estate Tomelloso


Agency in Tomelloso

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Ibiza

Adaix Ibiza

Agency in Santa Eulalia del Río

Adaix Real Estate Adaix La Carlota

Adaix La Carlota

Agency in La Carlota

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Roda de Bera

Adaix Roda de Bera

Agency in Roda de Barà

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Alzira

Adaix Alzira

Agency in Alzira

Adaix Real Estate Ayamonte


Agency in Ayamonte

Adaix Real Estate Grao Gandia

Grao Gandia

Agency in Grao de Gandía

Adaix Real Estate Melilla


Agency in Melilla

Adaix Real Estate Santiago Centro

Santiago Centro

Agency in Santiago de Compostela

Adaix Real Estate Glasshouse


Agency in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Torrent

Adaix Torrent

Agency in Torrent

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Arevalo

Adaix Arevalo

Agency in Arevalo

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Puertollano

Adaix Puertollano

Agency in Puertollano

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Santa Marta

Adaix Santa Marta

Agency in Santa Marta



Agency in Canals

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Almadén

Adaix Almadén

Agency in Almadén

Adaix Real Estate AB Homes Adaix

AB Homes Adaix

Agency in Málaga

Adaix Real Estate Attari Inmobiliaria

Attari Inmobiliaria

Agency in Doneztebe/Santesteban

Adaix Real Estate Adaix El Palmar

Adaix El Palmar

Agency in El Palmar, Murcia

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Las Delicias

Adaix Las Delicias

Agency in Zaragoza

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Orihuela Costa

Adaix Orihuela Costa

Agency in Orihuela Costa

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Xeraco

Adaix Xeraco

Agency in Xeraco

Adaix Real Estate Adaix ServiGestión Tenerife

Adaix ServiGestión Tenerife

Agency in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Murcia Centro

Adaix Murcia Centro

Agency in Murcia

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Rugugest

Adaix Rugugest

Agency in San Sebastian de los Reyes

Adaix Real Estate Tu Hogar

Tu Hogar

Agency in Palencia

Adaix Real Estate El Ejido

El Ejido

Agency in El Ejido

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Ferrol

Adaix Ferrol

Agency in Ferrol

Adaix Real Estate Gre Benicarló

Gre Benicarló

Agency in Benicarló

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Arroyomolinos

Adaix Arroyomolinos

Agency in Arroyomolinos

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Mancha Real

Adaix Mancha Real

Agency in Mancha Real

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Lucena

Adaix Lucena

Agency in Lucena

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Getafe

Adaix Getafe

Agency in Getafe

Adaix Real Estate S.I.H. SL


Agency in A Coruña

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Badalona Montigala

Adaix Badalona Montigala

Agency in Badalona

Adaix Real Estate Anova


Agency in Ponteareas

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Antequera

Adaix Antequera

Agency in Antequera

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Playa Granada

Adaix Playa Granada

Agency in Motril

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Albal

Adaix Albal

Agency in Albal

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Arteixo

Adaix Arteixo

Agency in Arteixo

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Málaga Sol

Adaix Málaga Sol

Agency in Málaga

Adaix Real Estate Yepes


Agency in Yepes

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Güejar

Adaix Güejar

Agency in Güéjar-Sierra

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Monforte de Lemos

Adaix Monforte de Lemos

Agency in Monforte de Lemos

Adaix Real Estate Adfincas Ribera SL

Adfincas Ribera SL

Agency in Carcaixent

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Zaragoza Centro

Adaix Zaragoza Centro

Agency in Zaragoza

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Pravia

Adaix Pravia

Agency in Pravia

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Torrevieja

Adaix Torrevieja

Agency in Torrevieja

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Úbeda

Adaix Úbeda

Agency in Úbeda

Adaix Real Estate Adaix León

Adaix León

Agency in León

Adaix Real Estate Costaelsol


Agency in Fuengirola