Modern and eco-friendly prefabricated house from Adaix in Spain, designed for energy efficiency and customization to the client's taste.

Modern and eco-friendly prefabricated house from Adaix in Spain, designed for energy efficiency and customization to the client's taste.

Why opt for our prefabricated homes?

We live in a world where sustainability and energy efficiency are essential. At Adaix, we distinguish ourselves as experts in the construction of prefabricated and wooden houses, designing modern and high-quality residences that adapt to your needs.


Each of our constructions is based on specific climatic requirements and the most stringent construction regulations. We bet on the exclusive use of high-quality solid construction wood, which guarantees the resistance and longevity of our homes.


We recognise the value of combining affordable construction techniques with top-notch materials. This balance allows us to erect robust, efficient and environmentally friendly houses.

Adaix: Your guide in wooden houses and prefabricated homes.

We welcome you to Adaix, where we provide custom solutions for building your home, with a strong focus on quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Our wooden houses and prefabricated homes are recognised for their high energy efficiency and contemporary design.

Your comfort and safety are our priority.

Your comfort and safety are our priority.

At Adaix, our commitment is for you to feel comfortable and secure in your new home. To this end, we provide advice on planning and carrying out your individual housing project. Our team of experienced architects and builders works with the most modern materials and technologies, prioritising the use of sustainable materials and minimising the ecological footprint.

Efficiency and quality in the construction process.

We manufacture our wooden houses and prefabricated homes in our own facilities and deliver them directly to your plot. This methodology allows us to ensure superior quality and reduced construction times. Even after delivering your house, we remain at your disposal for any assistance or support you may need.

Efficiency and quality in the construction process.

Discover the countless advantages of prefabricated homes.

We invite you to learn everything you need to know about our prefabricated homes, from their construction process to the economic and environmental benefits they offer. Also, you will be able to appreciate the beauty and quality of our prefabricated homes through images and videos that will show you every detail and finish of our constructions.

Build the home of your dreams with Adaix.

At Adaix, our mission is to help you build the home of your dreams. Whether you prefer a traditionally designed wooden house or a prefabricated home with a modern and stylish design, we have a wide variety of options. We invite you to explore our website to discover all the possibilities we offer.

We are excited to build your dream home with you!

In conclusion, Adaix is not just a builder of prefabricated homes, but an ally on your journey to the home of your dreams. We offer you not just a house, but a lifestyle, an investment, and a home full of possibilities. With a variety of designs and customisation options, you can have the home you have always wanted, without the costs or complications of traditional construction. Our dedication to quality, efficiency and sustainability means that you will not only get a beautiful house, but one that is built to last and respect the world in which we live.

So don't wait any longer, contact us today and start making your dreams come true!

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Adaix Real Estate Costaelsol


Agency in Fuengirola

Adaix Real Estate Glasshouse


Agency in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Adaix Torrevieja

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Adaix Santa Marta

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Adaix Orihuela Costa

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Adaix Arevalo

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Adaix Picanya

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Albal

Adaix Albal

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix El Palmar

Adaix El Palmar

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Adaix Monforte de Lemos

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Adaix Puertollano

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Adaix Torrent

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Adaix Mancha Real

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Adaix Getafe

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Adaix Playa Granada

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Xàtiva

Adaix Xàtiva

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Xeraco

Adaix Xeraco

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Ferrol

Adaix Ferrol

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Arroyomolinos

Adaix Arroyomolinos

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Ibiza

Adaix Ibiza

Agency in Santa Eulalia del Río

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Úbeda

Adaix Úbeda

Agency in Úbeda

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Pravia

Adaix Pravia

Agency in Pravia

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Zaragoza Centro

Adaix Zaragoza Centro

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Málaga Sol

Adaix Málaga Sol

Agency in Málaga

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Las Delicias

Adaix Las Delicias

Agency in Zaragoza

Adaix Real Estate Adaix ServiGestión Tenerife

Adaix ServiGestión Tenerife

Agency in Santa Cruz de Tenerife



Agency in Canals

Adaix Real Estate Adaix León

Adaix León

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Adaix Real Estate Gre Benicarló

Gre Benicarló

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Almadén

Adaix Almadén

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Adaix Real Estate S.I.H. SL


Agency in A Coruña

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Rugugest

Adaix Rugugest

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Murcia Centro

Adaix Murcia Centro

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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Roda de Bera

Adaix Roda de Bera

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Adaix Real Estate Ayamonte


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Adaix Real Estate Adaix Arteixo

Adaix Arteixo

Agency in Arteixo

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Lucena

Adaix Lucena

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Adaix Real Estate Attari Inmobiliaria

Attari Inmobiliaria

Agency in Doneztebe/Santesteban

Adaix Real Estate Melilla


Agency in Melilla

Adaix Real Estate Adaix Güejar

Adaix Güejar

Agency in Güéjar-Sierra

Adaix Real Estate AB Homes Adaix

AB Homes Adaix

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Adaix Real Estate Adfincas Ribera SL

Adfincas Ribera SL

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Adaix Real Estate El Ejido

El Ejido

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Santiago Centro

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Adaix La Carlota

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Adaix Antequera

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Adaix Badalona Montigala

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