Investment property

Housing prices, hire booming rental guarantee, it's time to invest in brick.

We offer a safe and profitable investment con una rentabilidad de más del 5% con una importante plus valía a la venta en un futuro cercano.

Relying on the brick is the most interesting actually , interesting price, greatest benefit, quick demand, attracting tenants, rental insurance, warranty, etc.

Investing in a home is also interesting and build our future and that of our family and loved ones, making the economy work properly, thanks to all employees who believe in the real estate business.

We provide a tool to calculate the net return on investment in rental property:

Rom the moment the raw performance of the leased asset is interesting, must go beyond the analysis of the opportunity to purchase that home.

To get a better idea of its profitability, it is best to use what we call calculation of net income before taxes. The idea is to integrate the community and other expenses that will be his load for the duration of the lease.

This calculation shows that before you want to purchase a property, should take the time to know the charges.This includes thinking about local taxes and property taxes in particular. The deficit of these months without renting in turn affects profitability. In our example, the unit is rented only ten months on the net. Also note that some of the charges can not be recovered from your tenant(cleaning, building security, miscellaneous equipment, etc.).

Trust Adaix real estate professionals for their investments.

Investment with annual rent :seo_town

Through the following calculator, you can get the benefits of your investment with an annual rent

Investment with seasonal hiring :seo_town

Through the following calculator, you can get the benefits of your investment with a seasonal rentals