Real estate franchises

Adaix offers you the opportunity to join its franchise network and integrated into a world full of opportunities and profitability.

The real estate Adaix provides the solution for your future, our activities are conducted in the most profitable, fruitful and professionally as possible, however needs seriousness and continuity in their work.

The real estate business is one of the services that best performance is obtained, with Adaix continuously receive comprehensive training and counseling, emphasizing that we are the only ones who offer grow at their own pace in our group and add activities such as general insurance, property management and financial.

Service companies are the best solution for their future, little investment, no stock accumulated, ability to work alone or in teams, Adaix is the unique business model, fully sustainable, investment levels and reduced monthly expenses.

If you are a person with commercial dowry, very serious and relentless you want to work and build your future career correctly, We are the solution for your new career, not need training or experience our team will be formed so that it can do its work professionally in harmony with the activities conducted.

Join our franchise and we help you to build your future.

Adaix inmobiliaria

  • Specific and continuous training .
  • Continuous Advice.
  • New generation Intranet.
  • Central Group Web to post your property offer.
  • Own personal Web.
  • Publishing properties in more than 30 special webs.
  • CRM 2.0 - Real Estate Management Software.
  • Bolsa de viviendas.
  • Banks properties.
  • Full and developed marketing system.

Adaix Seguros

  • More than 40 insurance companies.
  • Online comparative.
  • Online Recruitment.
  • Web with online insurance sales positioned in first contents of Google and other search engines.
  • portfolio effect (collection of fees each year).
  • Immediate profitability, minimal investment.

Adaix financiera

  • Mortgages.
  • Improved your conditions.
  • Credit Reunification.
  • Getting Liquidity.

Adaix Administración de fincas

  • No efforts.
  • Wide margin tradingWide margin trading.

If you want to become franchisee Adaix call 966 786 100 or fill the form below

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If you want to carve out a future career, we guarantee you. This will be achieved through the implementation of our trade recommendations and through participation in each one of our free online training sessions ... Join the strength of a successful model and begins the change we were looking for.

Alain Brand - CEO Fundador de Adaix