Home insurance at the best price

In Adaix Insurance can calculate more than 30 companies and contratc insurance online at the best price .

Compare a Home Insurance is very important and the cost is small, we recommend ensuring your peace of mind and security.

Home insurance generally covers the following risks:

  • stealing: Damage caused as a result of theft or attempted, replacement keys, locks, etc..
  • Expenses for a loss: Fire, temporary accommodation, etc.
  • Water damage: Failure to turn off taps, break...
  • Damage: Damage or destruction suffered by the insured as a result of direct physical damage such as fire, atmospheric phenomena, glass breakage.
  • aesthetic damage: Replacement aesthetics of the insured property, repair costs.
  • Civil liability Compensation for damage to third parties; court costs, bail, etc..
  • Home Assistance: Urgent services, renovations, repairs...
  • Legal Defense: Claims for damages, criminal defense
We work with the best insurance companies by using the external auxiliary brokerages, allowing us to always find the best insurance at the best price.

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